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Behind the Collab - Meet Hattie Stewart

London based illustrator and self titled ‘professional doodler’, Hattie Stewart, lent her fun and quirky, cartoon-esque style to our latest exclusive snow outerwear collaboration, giving a fresh hit of bold color to the slopes this season.

Best known for her ‘doodle bombs’, featuring her vibrant and playful characters drawn over magazine covers and fashion photography, Hattie’s art can now be found on taxi’s, album covers and counts Kylie Minogue, Marc Jacobs and Henry Holland as fans.

We recently caught up with Hattie to hear more about her work and what inspired the collection -

Behind the Collab - Meet Hattie StewartImage courtesy of Silvia Olsen

How did you get started in illustration?

Illustrating generally has always been the thing that gives me my sense of calm and purpose. I've drawn from a very young age. Over the years, and especially through my education I have experimented with many different creative avenues – photography and fashion being two examples. However I always came back to doodling and drawing – it's what has always underpinned my creativity. As my work has developed and my confidence has grown I've been able to take my drawing style into new territory, it's been applied to photography and I've worked within fashion. The term 'doodlebombing', which has been used to describe my work, it essentially a play on words. It came about when 'photo bombing' became a phenomenon – and it's stuck ever since.

Behind the Collab - Meet Hattie Stewart

How would you describe your creative process?

It’s pretty organic but depends entirely on mood and project. Predominantly I give myself a bit of time to think things through and then I get straight to drawing - usually for hours at a time. I like to work straight without interruption.

Behind the Collab - Meet Hattie Stewart

What was your inspiration in the ROXY collection?

Just to create something colourful, fun and expressive - just like the talented athletes wearing the pieces.

What’s the most exciting part of a collaboration?

Seeing my designs in action on Olympic Snowboarder Aimee Fuller. So cool.

Behind the Collab - Meet Hattie Stewart

Behind the Collab - Meet Hattie Stewart

What’s the best advice you’ve been given or that your would give?

Don't get mad, get drawing. If someone doesn't appreciate you today, keep working because they might do tomorrow – but always remember, deep down, the work you create has to be for yourself and you only.

Behind the Collab - Meet Hattie Stewart

Do you get a kick out of seeing your work on people on the street/on the slopes?

Oh definitely. I’ve had a number of low days and then I’ll see my work in situ and feel a little buzz again. Seeing it on the slopes though that’s something new for me and seeing such awesome female athletes wearing my work is so cool.. women who are working to the top of their own fields and are crossing paths along the way is one of the reasons I love what I do. Hopefully they’ll teach me to snowboard one day, always wanted to try it..

What’s next?

Hopefully getting out on the slopes. Until then though I’m off to Sri Lanka for 3 weeks and will continue to draw..

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