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Festival Vibes & Beach Hangs at Byron Bay


When you can pair up some fun in the sun with good music, good people and good times you know you’ve got something good going on. So that’s exactly what we decided to do last weekend in Byron.


We took Cait Miers, Ellie Brooks, Elise Trigger and Bronte Cooper to Byron for a weekend of sun and festival vibes, then washed it all off with nose rides and hi-fives at the pass.

We wanted to find out how each of the girls rocked their own vibes, so we got them to tell us what style means to them.


Ellie Brooks- Professional Surfer @elliejbrooksss

“Style is simply just being yourself and embracing your uniqueness. We all offer something so different which makes us as human beings so incredible. Embrace your style, your quirks and be true to you.”


Cait Miers- Photographer @caitmiersphotography

“Style is expressing who you are, in your own unique flair. Whether that’s riding a wave, or walking down the street, it’s being comfortable in your own skin and being your true self.”

Elise Trigger- Longboarder @elisetrigger

“style to me is the gift of being able to express my inward self outwardly.”


Bronte Cooper- Fashion Designer @brontecoops

“To me it means wearing what suits you and makes you feel comfortable in your own skin- whether that’s following the latest fashion trends or having your creative mind go on an adventure. Style is an expression used to show your personality without saying a single word.”


What does style mean to you?


Images: Cait Miers

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