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Meet Bianca Buitendag: ROXY Team Rider, Rookie of the Year & ASP World Tour Surfer

Meet Bianca Buitendag. ROXY Team Rider, Rookie of the Year & ASP World Tour Surfer.

The 20 year-old South African native is one of the newest faces on the ASP Women’s World Tour - and aside from being a fierce world tour competitor in the water, she’s a total sweetheart! We caught up with Bianca before her next stop in Rio to talk surf snacks, wetsuit tricks & pre-surf playlists!


ROXY What is your favorite breakfast to eat before a surf?

BIANCA A local South African porridge. I just can’t get enough of it!

ROXY How do you keep your skin/hair healthy with so much exposure to sun and salt?

BIANCAI overload on sunblock, mostly cream with a zinc base. I have a fair skin with a lot of freckles so protection is important. For my hair I use high quality hair products and rinse and wash after every long day in the salt and sun.

Bianca in the Surf
Bianca in the Surf

ROXY Any tricks for easily getting in/out of a wetsuit?

BIANCA It gets better with repetition! The quality and stretch of the wetsuit material helps the most.

ROXY If we were to take a peek at your iPhone/iPod, what songs would be on your playlist?

BIANCA Artists like Ben Howard, Tom Odell, Beirut, Bon Iver and some golden oldies.

ROXY What's it like being on the ASP Women's World Tour?

BIANCA It is surreal in many ways. You travel all over the face of the planet, changing time zones every 10 days. You compete against the worlds best all in the pursuit of becoming World Champion. You have the opportunities to do what you love every single day of your life. You have the platform to inspire. No wonder it is one of the most coveted positions to be in!


ROXY What is your 'typical' pre-competition rituals?

BIANCA I have recently started listening to music to block out the distraction of my surroundings before heats. I make sure my equipment is prepared and that I have clarity about my strategy.


Tune in May 7th to see Bianca, Sally & Stephanie compete in stop #4 on the ASP Women's World Tour in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! We’ll be streaming the event LIVE on our Twitter so make sure to tune in @ROXY to follow along & catch all the live action!

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