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On The Beach with: Liv Phyland

SURF - September 30, 2020
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Spring is here and as the temperatures have slowly started to rise, we asked some of our favorite ambassadors and athletes to answer the tricky question, ‘Where is your favorite beach….’

This month, TV presenter, health coach, and self confessed adventure seeker, Liv Phyland, shares her little slice of paradise with us.

If you had asked me where ‘home’ was a few months ago, I would have been able to answer you in half a second, “Bondi of course”.

It’s where I’ve lived for the last 5 years… and it’s where I couldn’t imagine leaving. It had everything in one spot! A city for where I needed to be for work, the ocean to satisfy my mermaid alter ego, the perfect coastal lifestyle, an amazing atmosphere, down to earth and loyal friendships, and most of all, a strong sense of community. Being from the country originally, this is something that I’ve always held in high regard.

Now unless you’ve lived in Bondi yourself, you might be quite surprised to hear that I get ‘small country town vibes’ from one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Trust me, I was as surprised as you. But that is genuinely my favourite quality. I mean, it’s called the Bondi “bubble” for a reason, you have almost everything you need in one spot… which in turn creates a mini town… that just happens to be connected to a big ol’ city…. and bonus, waves.

I love that I can roll out of bed and cruise a block down to the ocean at 6am and just know that I will paddle out to mates. No need to plan or coordinate. I love sitting out in the surf and having deep and meaningful conversations with people I might not normally hang out with. I love that I will run into at least 5 different people I know on my walk back home. I love that I can organise to go for a quick coastal walk, coffee, lunch, or drink with someone at the drop of a hat. I love that I can go to work in the city, wear heels, make-up and fancy dresses in front of the camera… then race home and dive straight into the ocean. I love that we have this tight-knit, loyal, fun, ocean-loving community alongside such a picturesque canvas.

So, in a nutshell, ‘that’ is why I couldn’t see myself living anywhere else for a very long time.

Then… old mate ‘Rona hit. My show finished. I started working from home and for myself. I dreamed up all of the projects I’d love to create. Then I came up to visit friends in Palm Beach on the Gold Coast just for 3 days. And well, I’m still here. Did I mention that was 3 months ago!? Yep.

I fell in love with the weather. The new living environment. A change of scenery. A fresh start. Being surrounded by new sources of inspiration and motivation. A slightly slower pace in lifestyle. Living with a household of some of my best friends. Exploring the sunny coast in a van every weekend. Meeting new soulful humans. Camping on the beach and falling head over heels in love with Double Island Point (if you’ve never been, add it to your list immediately. You won’t regret it). And spending quality time with people I rarely got to see.

For the first time in 10 years, I can work from anywhere. So, what an amazing opportunity to get to know a different potential “home”. Whether I permanently move here, or just do a 6-month stint… I love that I have listened to my intuition and stayed where feels right for now.

So, as I sit here at Palm Beach, on the sand, typing this blog on my laptop at 6:30 in the morning… I suppose you could say, maybe I don’t have a “favourite” beach or somewhere that is a “forever” place. I purely am drawn to places by the ocean, where the vibes are high, and the community is strong :)

love Liv xx

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