Autumn Lookbook

A journey of inspiration

The man behind the print

Luke Taaffe, head of ROXY Graphic Design, is a gifted artist, designer and surfer. Hailing from New South Wales Australia, his work is characterized by dreamy coastal imagery, vivid colors and patterns that reflect his love of the ocean. We caught up with Luke in the French headquarters to talk about the true inspiration behind the beautiful prints he created for this season’s collection.

Where did you find the inspiration for this collection?
Inspiration for the Spring 2016 collection is driven from our love of coastal travel and the experiences that come with it. The particular stretch from Sydney to Byron Bay is synonymous with surf culture because it embodies the spirit of escape from the city to the freedom of the north. It is along those hidden paths off the main highways and roads that we found our inspiration.
Coast Is Clear Tank Top - Sunday Noon Harem Pants
Hazy Daisy Tiki Tri Bikini Top - Sunday Noon Harem Pants
Life Pursuit Kimono - Noosa Floral Bikini
What are the defining features of this print? Why did you choose to create the collection around this/these particular flower(s)?
The Canary Islands print is made up of flowers and palms unique to the Australian coastal environment, such as the Waratah and Kangaroo Paw. Vibrant in multicolor and set against a fresh sea salt background, this bold print sets the foundation for the rest of our print assortment and represents our Bondi to Byron Bay surf-travel story.
Hazy Daisy Tiki Tri Bikini Top - Life Pursuit Kimono - Run Away Beach Shorts

Could you talk to us about the special link between ROXY and flowers?
What are the origins and why is it so representative of the brand?

Print plays a major role in all of our categories for ROXY and florals are essentially part of the DNA of the brand. ROXY & Quiksilver have strong ties to Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures, and flowers are one of those symbolic elements that are representative of this. Tropical florals are naturally instinctive for ROXY and we can leverage off these in our prints and graphics without it being used as a trend like other brands. We are unique in that aspect!

Hazy Daisy Tiki Tri Bikini Top - Run Away Beach Shorts
Coast Is Clear Tank Top - Sunday Noon Harem Pants
What are your favorite pieces in the collection and why?
This would be the Noosa Floral print story that makes up part of the swimwear line. The color blocked floral comes in an unexpected chambray base color and is printed onto a light textured fabric which gives it some subtlety. Each piece also has areas of mesh which gives the story an elevated luxe feel.

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